St. Clair County Great Start Collaborative

Who are we?

The St. Clair County Great Start Collaborative was created  in 2007 to partner with parents, local agencies, businesses, child care providers, service providers and other community leaders who all share an interest in the quality of early childhood in St. Clair County.  The GSC works together to improve child outcomes in all five of the key areas of a child's life: physical health, social & emotional health, parenting leadership, family support and early care and education.


GSC meetings are held the fourth Wednesday of each month from 12-2 p.m. at St. Clair County RESA.

Great Start Collaborative Work Groups

Pediatric & Family Health

Comprehensive physical health and child development services - including screening, assessment, and intervention, as well as timely and appropriate referral for specialized developmental, behavioral and social-emotional assessments and interventions.

Social & Emotional Health

Specialized screening, assessment and intervention services designed to promote the social-emotional well-being of all infants and young children, including infants and young children at-risk of developing emotional disturbances and infants and young children with diagnosed emotional disturbances.

Early Care & Education

Child care and education services that support the early learning, health and social-emotional well-being of infants and young children.

Parenting Leadership

A continuum of services and supports ranging from parent education for parents in the critical role they play in the healthy development of their infants and young children to parents as leaders who advocate for their own children as well as the needs of other children.

Family Support

Services and supports that address the basic, daily living needs and stressors impairing the ability of families to nurture the well-being, safety and overall health development of their infants and young children.


2011-2014 Strategic Plan
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